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A demo reel and a head shot are the most important presentations an actor can have to impress casting directors, agents and managers. However, getting the right material that showcases you and your talent is not that easy since you need great material to book good jobs, yet you need the good jobs to have the perfect material. This is a tricky situation that most actors are caught in all the time, and we are here to help you by producing the best material in the market to promote your image and acting skills.

We have been working with actors since the company was created, and for that reason we decided to have this division to help actors like you build the perfect material. 


Demo Reel Editing

$ 180.00 Per Reel  (Start Price)

Time to show your very best! Whether its content from our company, self productions other companies or content from your bookings, you need to showcase the best of you and the demo reel and "clips" are the way to do it. ​We are here to put it all together!

The Ideal Scene

$ 490.00 Per Scene (Start Price) 

That's how we are going to show the best of your talents. It is the perfect product for the actor who needs to create content from scratch without breaking the bank.  As a film production company we can make perfect update to your demo reel by creating a completely original scene and customized to showcase your talents.

The Mini-Short

$ 3,500.00 Per Film (Start Price)

+ IMDB Credit

This was created for the actor who wants to have more than just  a scene. The Mini-Short is an actual short film, a whole story with beginning, middle, and end. You will get an imdb credit, will be showcased in our social medias (Facebook, Instagram) and receive a list of  film festivals you can apply to start getting your awards and making your name in the industry.

  • Phone or E-Mail Scheduling
  • Up to Unlimited Clips*
  • 1 Hr Editing Session w/ Editor***
  • HD 1080p Version
  • LA Casting Version
  • Actor Access Version
  • Individual Clips from selections
  • Cloud back-up
  • In-person Consultation

  • 2 Page Custom-written scene

  • 2 Hours on set

  • Day of Rehearsal & Direction

  • Pro Camera & Audio

  • Pro Editing, Color & Sound Design*

  • HD 1080p Version

  • LA Casting Version

  • Actor Access Version

  • $100 OFF when purchasing 3 Scenes

  • Cloud back-up

  • In-person Consultation

  • Custom-written Story

  • Pre-Rehearsal & Direction

  • Location scouting / Permits

  • Multi Day shoot

  • 1 Festival submission & IMDB credit

  • Film Festival List

  • Pro Cameras & Audio

  • Pro Editing, Color & Sound Design*

  • Original Music 

  • HD 4K ,1080p & 720p  Versions

  • Lifetime Cloud back-up

You Can Get The Package

Building a Demo Reel Package: $1,800.00
Three Ideal Scenes + Free Headshot + Free Demo Reel Editing. SAVE $250.00

* $100 for any additional edits  after the completed session. 
** $10 for every additional clip over 5 & $25 for any digital conversions needed for editing (DVD, You-Tube, Vimeo etc)
*** $25 for every additional 15 minutes over 1 hour.

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